24 Hour Stay-in Home Care

Our 24-hour Stay-In Home Care, also known as Live-In Home Care, enables our Clients to enjoy the highest sense of involvement to assistance at a reasonable price.

We consider it our responsibility to offer an affordable option so that people who require care can remain there as long as possible.

With our Stay-In Home Care, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that one Care Pro will provide their specialized care 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in your home.

What 24-Hour Stay-in Home Care Includes

When providing 24-hour live-in home care, our Care Pros can help with a wide range of needs related to Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). The chores that our Care Pros frequently assist our Stay-In Clients with are listed below. See Types of Live-In Care Services We Offer for more information in depth.

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Why Choosing 24 Hour Stay-in Home Care

Full 24-hour Live-In Home Care is offered by Kaydailycare HomeCare, where a single Care Pro offers round-the-clock in-home assistance. Compared to Hourly In-Home Care, where multiple Care Pros would be required to complete the same task, this is very different.

Protect Your Independence

Our Clients have the option to spend as much time as possible in their own homes thanks to our 24-hour stay-in home care services.

Remain In Your Environment.

Moving from familiar environs is upsetting and terrifying for elderly people who can no longer take care of their basic requirements.

Strong Family connections

As opposed to an institution, families are more inclined to visit their loved ones at home.

Reduced Family Stress.

Based on research, families are able to live more peacefully when they receive reliable and consistent 24 Hour Stay-in Home Care.
Numerous families have benefited from the 24-hour stay-in home care expense savings. The majority of institutional care is far more expensive than stay-in home care. Even though we carefully choose, develop, and pay our employees, Kaydailycare HomeCare is still less expensive than the majority of other care options, such as Assisted Living or Nursing Homes. Furthermore, our Live-In Clients receive devoted one-on-one care, something that an institutional setting is never able to provide.

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