Post Surgery In-Home Care Services

Our Post Surgery In-Home Care is flexible with our rapid response after a hospitalization. Kaydailycare HomeCare can help you with following the right after-care guidelines given by your doctor.

It is uncommon to receive notification that you are being sent home after a major operation or a protracted hospital stay before being able to move around securely. It’s simple to imagine that the move back home will be painless given the degree of assistance one receives in a hospital environment.

However, while at home, performing simple everyday tasks without assistance can be exceedingly challenging, if not impossible. Your likelihood of falling, misusing drugs, and not getting enough nutrition rises as a result of this. These dangers have the potential to significantly lengthen your recovery time and send you back to the hospital. Kaydailycare HomeCare can help you with following the right after-care guidelines given by your doctor.

Signs You Need Post Surgery In-Home Care Services

It’s crucial to anticipate your needs once you get home from the hospital and to make the necessary arrangements. If you can’t safely execute any of the following tasks, it’s imperative to have assistance for a full recovery following surgery:

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Why You Need Us For Post Surgery In-Home Care Services

You will receive the personal care support required for you to stay safe and concentrate on healing when you receive post-surgery care with Kaydailycare HomeCare. Our team of post-operative specialists is very skilled in ensuring that your transition back home is easy. In order to fully comprehend your care requirements, we are aware of the appropriate questions to pose to your discharge planner. After that, we’ll see to it that one of our committed Care Pros gives you the personal attention you want to resume living the life you desire.

Transition Into Home

You will have our assistance at every turn because of our emphasis on transitional care. This entails regular managerial oversight, coordination of your return home transportation, and continuous communication with your hospital care team. We'll ensure that you arrive home securely and with the ideal level of attention.

Fast Response

Hospitals frequently don't give you much advance warning of a post-surgery release date. Fortunately, we can usually start providing services in only 24 hours or less. Call us at (215) 939 3292 and we'll set up a meeting time for that day at the hospital. We're here to provide you the assistance you require immediately.

Protect Your Independence

Our Clients have the option to spend as much time as possible in their own homes thanks to our 24-hour stay-in home care services.

Versatile Services

You will get the advantage of being able to change the degree of assistance you receive over time by using our Stay-In or Hourly Home Care Services to give your post-surgery care. Reducing your care while you recuperate is as easy as making a phone call. We never bind our clients to lengthy agreements, and you are free to terminate our services at any moment.

Key Benifits

Most of the time, your hospital social worker will list or offer you options for home health care services. A provider of home health care services will occasionally visit your house to see how you’re doing and make sure you’re recovering correctly. Normally, this check-in takes place once every several days. They are unable to offer the kinds of services we offer, which are geared on ensuring your safety and advancing your recovery via personal care. The Home Health Care Service will often schedule a Registered Nurse to check your vitals and handle any wound care. They might also arrange for speech, occupational, or physical therapy while you recover. After surgery or a hospital stay, it’s crucial to have home health care services, but it’s also crucial to have in-home care services from a company like Kaydailycare Home Care to support your other needs after you’re back at home.

Emergency Cases

If you have any questions or need help for our home care service, feel free to contact us!

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